Celebrity Philanthropists Support Good Causes

Let’s put a spin on charity, social activism and leaving a legacy. It’s fun and sexy to support a worthy cause. If it wasn’t worthwhile, these philanthropic hollywood celebs wouldn’t do it … right?

iStock_000015647482MediumI appreciate all people with the means and influence willing to stand up and do ‘something’ – ANYTHING to improve our world, our people, our natural resources, and our systems for justice.

– It’s a choice to become aware and take action.
– It’s a choice to be a role model for good and make an impact.
– It’s a choice to be a global citizen and leave the world better than when we arrived.

With great admiration, I commend these celebrities and non-profit organizations for their courage, due diligence and passion in making our future brighter.

Celebrities put star power to good use

"Charity Navigator is pleased to present this list of celebrity-related charities to help you determine which may be worthy of a contribution from you. While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, it is an extensive list of celebrity-charity relationships."

— Charity Navigator website

This list rates non-profit organizations on efficiency and community impact. A 4-star designation is the highest honor. Click here for entire list: Charity Navigator 

Here are a few 4-star charities that are worthy of your support. Please enjoy the short videos provided for your edutainment.


“Safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all”
Matt Damon

                  For more information on Water.org, click here.

Rainforest Foundation US

“Protecting Lands, Protecting Lives, Protecting Our Planet”
Founders Sting & Trudie Styler

For more information about the Rainforest Foundation, click here.

Natural Resources Defense Council

“The Earth’s Best Defense”
Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio and James Taylor

                 For more information about the NRDC, click here.

Who are your celebrity champions?

It’d be great to hear about your favorite causes and celebrity champions in the comments on this blog. Please include your own experience in supporting your cause. Help to ignite others to act for good with your examples of charity and philanthropy. Thanks for being a global citizen!


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