How we’re sustainable

How we’re sustainable

Sustainable Leadership

By merely living in the U.S., we are automatically using more of the Earth’s resources than we deserve. With this in mind, it’s important to do all we can everyday to minimize our carbon footprint, at home and at work. Perfection isn’t the goal:  it’s awareness and continuous improvement. For starters, try taking this Ecological Footprint Quiz and make some targeted goals, just as we have. Keep in mind that reducing your carbon footprint is also a surefire way to reduce your energy costs, add to your savings at home, and increase your profits at work.

Blazon Laurels believes sustainability extends much farther than the environment. We pride ourselves in investing in strong relationships built on mutual trust. We have a culture that promotes positive communications, transparency, authenticity and a supportive environment.

We’re fair, conscientious, kind and generous. We’ve implemented systems theory into our structure as a way to remain aligned and within reach of our lofty goals. Living with integrity and making ethical personal and professional decisions, based on knowledge and science, is our highest goal. Innovation, quality and effectiveness are valued and encouraged.

Moreover, we’d like to make a positive impact in the world we live in for future generations. We hope to build a legacy worthy of great leaders of our time and history. Our intention to positively influence leaders takes many forms through example, social media and personal interaction.  Our motto: high impact, low consequence.

Blazon Laurels Guidelines

  • We care about our social and environmental mission.
  • We prioritize sourcing local, sustainable or fair trade suppliers.
  • We purchase from sustainable and certified sources such as USDA Organic, FSC, ENERGY STAR and more.
  • Our banking services are provided by a Certified B Corporation.
  • Our recycling program includes paper, cardboard, plastic and glass.
  • Energy conservation and water efficiency programs are in place.
  • We use non-toxic janitorial products and organic sustainable kitchen products.
  • We minimize our printing needs and 100% of our printed materials use recycled or FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks.
  • Our message is specifically designed to drive capital to purpose-driven enterprises as well as address economic inequality, health and safety issues.
  • We promote education, professional development and advancement by providing essential knowledge on various topics.
  • We log hundreds of community service hours per year.
  • We have created public partnerships with several charitable organizations, consistently supplying them with promotional, volunteer and financial support.

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