Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation

We cordially invite you to join our Kiva Lending Team to fund micro-loans that help struggling Third-World entrepreneurs have a better chance for success. This is a small gesture that can make a grand difference in others’ lives. Inspired by the Bottom of the Pyramid theories of C.K. Prahalad, we want to be an example for others and create a legacy of compassion and contribution.

We believe deeply in poverty alleviation and social and environmental justice issues. With your help, we hope to make an impact in all geographical and categorical areas. Kiva offers six main categories for loans: green; housing; startups; rural communities, youth and transportation. On average, 98% of Kiva loans are repaid.

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Up Rising KivaSo far, Blazon Laurels has contributed to five women in the Up Rising Retail Group in Sierra Leone: Sia, Finda, Feremusu, Sarah, and Adama. A portion of the loan helped a member buy large quantities of sugar, milk, butter, mayonnaise, and toothpaste to add to her shop’s inventory. So far, the ladies have repaid 87% of their loan.



Yessica KivaBlazon Laurels’ Lending Team has also loaned money to Yessica in Peru. The agriculture loan helped Yessica buy seedlings and sacks of organic manure and hire day laborers. Her loan is 59% repaid, so far.




Sumas group KivaWe made a loan to Suma’s Sewing Group in Iraq that helped a member replace her old sewing machine and buy an embroidery machine. This loan is 50% repaid.




Roberta KivaBlazon Laurels’ Lending Team sponsored a loan to Roberta in Mexico that helped her to pay workers to clear her coffee farm. To date, 0% of this loan has been repaid.




Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 7.30.22 AMThe most recent loan was offered to Saodatkhon in Tajikistan. This retail loan will enable Saodatkhon to purchase children’s clothing wholesale and start her own retail store. 0% of this loan has been repaid so far.



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These scenic photos were generously provided by PHOTOGRAPHY DUCOEUR.

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