Our lifespan-ten years longer than our children

Our lifespan-ten years longer than our children
Jamie Oliver. Jamie Oliver. Jamie Oliver…..FOOD REVOLUTION!

At the beginning of the school year……..

Please invite the teachers, admin and staff to watch 2011 Ted Talk Annual Award Winner, Jamie Oliver (only 20 minute video). Please invite all the parents, too.

Our school lunches must change. Now not later.

I want my child to live 10 years more than me. Not have a lifespan 10 years less.

Ban high fructose corn syrup and processed foods. Ban high fat foods (French Fries, for example). Ban any food grown with hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and herbicides. Ban use of dangerous preservatives (MSG, for example). Ban GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). Ban fake sweeteners (Aspartame, for example).

Ban these foods in the grocery store, too. Stop demand! Stop buying this unhealthy “food.” Europe insists on higher healthy standards. Why is America settling for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and high cholesterol? Why is America allowing this unethical method of “food” production?

Increase organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase grains. Increase water. Only serve USDA certified organic and grass fed meats. Increase natural sweeteners like Stevia or Agave Syrup.


It is horrible that corporations are putting profit above health concerns for us and our kids. They need to be global citizens and adhere to corporate social responsibility standards.




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