Our operating values

Our operating values

The Triumph of Humanity

Blazon                                      Dictionary.com

1) to set forth conspicuously or publicly; display; proclaim;

2) to adorn or embellish, especially brilliantly or showily.

Laurels                                    Merriam-Webster

1) honor or fame given for some achievement.

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We aspire to engage others in this new era of social responsibility that yields honorable business.  It is our pledge to put our planet as well as our stakeholders, in both commerce and community, in proportion to profitability.  Through trust and credibility, we will build the foundation to further social and environmental justice – for humanity’s sake.


Blazon Laurels seeks the high distinction of luminary in educating leaders in the practice of sustainability, building honorable reputations and publicly recognizing hospitality global businesses “doing well AND doing good.” We are building global citizens for a better world.

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