Sustainable Strategy | Innovative Leadership

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Set the example for your colleagues and industry with innovative and transformational leadership skills.
Create your legacy to benefit future generations by taking the first step to building a sustainable business.


Blazon Laurels seeks the high distinction of luminary in educating leaders in the practice of sustainability, building honorable reputations and publicly recognizing hospitality global businesses “doing well AND doing good.” We are building global citizens for a better world.

In alignment with our mission, we would like to honor the following businesses by highlighting their command for INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP

We believe these companies exemplify innovative leadership skills by their achievements in the following five categories:


Healthy Lifestyle

– Prioritizing your own optimal health enables you to be a valuable support and contributor for others.

Life / Work Balance

– Respecting your work and your leisure as equally important.  Valuing others time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Responsible Consumption

– Taking responsibility for what you want vs. what you need.  Acknowledging the people who made it, how it was transported, and where it will go when you are done with its use.

Positive Communication

– Using manners, positivity and authenticity in your communications. Supporting others in their path and beliefs.

Peace of Mind

– Knowing that you have done your best with the knowledge you have EVERYDAY! Making the world a better place.

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