Sustainable Strategy | Organizational Learning

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Organizational culture is critical to business success, yet remains a mystery to many. Systems Theory offers some solutions! Create a ripple effect, from the top, and build a culture of innovation. Become a learning organization that values experimentation and supports creativity.


Blazon Laurels seeks the high distinction of luminary in educating leaders in the practice of sustainability, building honorable reputations and publicly recognizing hospitality global businesses “doing well AND doing good.” We are building global citizens for a better world.

In alignment with our mission, we would like to honor the following businesses by highlighting their leadership in ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING:

We believe these companies are master of organizational learning by their achievements in the following five categories:


Learning Organization

– Creating a culture of continuous learning. Educating employees on the value of trying new things, making mistakes and discovering new possibilities.

C-Level Engagement

– Portraying the importance of initiatives, programs and processes from the enthusiastic and knowledgable. Leading the way supportively and positively in a manner that motivates the team to act as one force for change for good.

Systems Thinking

– Maintaining a holistic approach to integrating sustainability education. Focusing on individual, group and company levels to determine route causes and determine best paths to alignment of all systems ad processes.


– Continuing to set high standards and reinforcing with steady streams of encouragement as well as celebrations.


– Developing a culture of innovation and creativity by creating a safe place to try new things.  Rewarding people for taking risks and finding new solutions.

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