Sustainable Strategy | Stakeholder Engagement

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.44.57 AMMeeting the wishes of your stakeholders begins with building trust through empathy and authentic communications. Your employees, guests and shareholders deserve to know your values. Transparency is crucial in building successful engagement, improving brand recognition and increasing market share.


Blazon Laurels seeks the high distinction of luminary in educating leaders in the practice of sustainability, building honorable reputations and publicly recognizing hospitality global businesses “doing well AND doing good.” We are building global citizens for a better world.

In alignment with our mission, we would like to honor the following businesses by highlighting their leadership in STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT:

We believe these companies build stakeholder engagement evidenced by their achievements in the following five categories:


Growth & Profit

– Enhancing growth and profits through effective and consistent stakeholder engagement. Making decisions based on stakeholder viewpoints.

Brand Loyalty

– Increasing brand loyalty by engaging stakeholders on many levels. Meeting your clients needs and preferences regularly.

Corporate Communication

– Communicating consistently within your organization and outside your organization. Understanding stakeholders concerns by soliciting input, ideas, and feedback about the organizations activities.


– Accepting we all have successes and make mistakes along the way.  Being transparent about what happened and what the direction of the future is.

Legacy Building

– Building a legacy that you can be proud of both in your personal and professional life.  Being the example of integrity and contribution for future generations.

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