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Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.44.57 AMThe more sustainable your business is, the better for you, your employees and your bottom lines (people, planet and profit).
Sustainable businesses have the cutting-edge, competitive advantage when operating profitably, innovatively and responsibly.


Blazon Laurels seeks the high distinction of luminary in educating leaders in the practice of sustainability, building honorable reputations and publicly recognizing hospitality global businesses “doing well AND doing good.” We are building global citizens for a better world.

In alignment with our mission, we would like to honor the following businesses by highlighting their leadership in SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS:

We believe these companies exemplify sustainable business values by their achievements in the following five categories:


Corporate Social Responsibility

– Minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts to local community, global community, and all other stakeholders with regards to social and environmental justice.

Competitive Advantage

– Strategizing with creativity and innovation and implementing sustainable business initiatives brings many benefits: waste and inefficiencies are eliminated; customer service is enhanced, costs are reduced or eliminated, and profit margins are increased.

Leader in Industry

– Leading your team into uncharted territory. Challenging the status quo means taking risks that may or may not pay off.  Staying ahead of your competitors means leading where no one has gone before can reap exponential benefits.

Triple Bottom Line

– Guiding our decisions not by one bottom-line, profit.  Rather, balancing the pros and cons of decisions on how they will impact people, planet and profit.

Innovative Practices

– Solving social or environmental impacts through new technologies or practices that are new to the industry. Creating an work environment that it is encouraged to try new things.

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