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Humorous “ALL NATURAL” Advertising

Advertising at its’ best

Do you love smart humor as much as I do?

Natural vs. Organic

There is nothing natural about a “natural” labeled food. You may have bought these items thinking they were better for you and your loved ones. Sadly, that is not true.

If you really would like to be safe, buy USDA-certified organic and/or items with a Non-GMO Project Verified seal.

Vote with your Dollar$

Let’s influence food growers and producers to give us more healthy options. Buy what you’d like to see more of in the future.


PETITION: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts: Asking for removal of GMO’s and High Fructose Corn Syrup from ALL Girl Scout Cookies

Please consider reading and signing the petition. You may also leave your comments on the petition.

This time, next year, we could have healthier choices of Girl Scout Cookies. Let’s inspire Girl Scouts to change the ingredients for a better, safer, and healthier world.

8 year old explains why she’d like Girl Scout Cookies to change their ingredients. Enjoy short video


Pass it on

It would also be appreciated if you would pass on the petition via email or social media to your circle of influence. When we have enough signatures, we can send it directly to the decision makers at Girl Scouts of America.

Call to Action

Read and sign Change.org petition


Leader in Industry: Courageous CVS

CVS Caremark hits a homerun with a courageous move to align their brand and their core values. 7,600 stores nationwide will no longer sell cigarettes and related items (as of October 1, 2014).

Will there be a loss in revenue due to taking cigarettes off the shelves?

Yes. Estimated at $2 billion a year.

Will there be more brand loyalty and trust for CVS?

Probably. Accountability and corporate social responsibility are becoming competitive advantages in today’s market. Doing what’s right for the health of our citizens will most likely overcome any losses in short-term sales. “People before Profits” leads to more stakeholder engagement and loyalty. It’s also leading to more public attention and rampant publicity as highlighted by Forbes.com article.

No smokingIs this a risk?

Yes. A calculated risk that could have huge pay-offs as seen by other socially responsible businesses (i.e., Patagonia, Tom’s, Chipotle). This bold move could be especially beneficial since they are leading the way.

Is this the right thing to do?


Is this a long-term strategic decision?

It appears to be part of a bigger plan for their healthcare initiatives. CVS has already established in-store mini-clinic with nurse and physician staff to assist customers. They are initiating a smoking cessation program. These strategic decisions and shift in services could recoup any losses in cigarette sales.

Care to share your thoughts?

Please comment below.


Responsible Consumption

Anne Lappe Blazon LaurelsResponsible consumption begins with awareness. Then a deliberate decision can be made based on knowledge and values. Public opinion and our purchases have already made some leeway!


"Find better products that are healthy, green, and socially responsible"

— GoodGuide

Try the GoodGuide Mobile App while you shop or use their website to research brands and products.


Capitalism. Consumerism. Consumption.

Capitalism. Consumerism. Consumption.

Americans … It’s in our nature to buy, buy, buy. Even after 9/11, as we mourned, our president asked us to go make purchases to save the economy. Capitalism is the basis of our system. We are bombarded with commercials and bill boards to increase our list of wants. Brand-placements have been subtly put in the movies to reach our subconscious. Every magazine offers a plethora of ‘things’ we must buy! If we could only have ____, we would be rich, thin or happy. It saddens me that we have built our self-esteem on what we have rather than the authentic relationships we nurture. This may be the environment we grew up in but it doesn’t have to be our reality.

What guides your purchasing decisions?

Green products

  • What is the best product?
  • What is the best price?
  • What is trendy?
  • What do the Jones’ have?
  • Is there free delivery?
  • What colors are available?

Now is the time to THINK DEEPER as a consumer and as a human being!

Have you thought about?

Green energy

  • What materials were necessary to build your coffee maker?
  • Who assembles your child’s Aurora doll?
  • How much water was needed to make your carpet?
  • How much electricity was used in producing your car?
  • How much waste was produced while making your wide-screen television?

All the questions listed above relate to the Supply Chain. These are valid and essential questions.


Consider every dollar you spend a vote!  When you vote for products made with values of sustainability, you will be a driving force in inspiring companies to do the ‘right thing.’

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