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Best Cities to Showcase Your Green Business


Sustainable Business

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Being green-minded is not just for tree-huggers anymore

Consumers worldwide embrace green practices as part of everyday life. Savvy business owners reap benefits from Earth-conscious practices. A study by Cone Communications reveals 71 percent of Americans consider the environment when they shop. If you’ve considered breaking into the eco-business industry, now is the time. New businesses looking to gain exposure turn to niche conventions to maximize visibility. Regardless of your home-base, select trade shows throughout the country offer great networking opportunities. Oregon, Washington and Colorado lead the nation in sustainable efforts. Residents of these cities seek ways to improve their sustainable efforts. Innovative products and services that support the cause are in high demand. Integrate any of the following events into your marketing strategy and gain a loyal following of ideal customers.

Sustainable Living Fair

Green business
Nestled in the Rockies, this college town lives up to Colorado’s top-rated green community culture. Fort Collins welcomes eco-focused entrepreneurs with open arms. The Sustainable Living Association hosts an annual to support natural and sustainable concepts. Through outreach and education, the event hopes to inspire eco-friendly practices within the community. Connect with prospective customers and gain industry insight. Regarded by environmental advocates, the event draws thousands of eco-minded attendees.

Event tip: This fair is all about hands-on interaction. Make the most of your exhibition by hosting a workshop. Not a great speaker? Presentation skills are a must for business owners. Perfect your technique with a few visits to Toastmasters and become the voice of your brand.

AASHE Annual Conference and Expo

Rated among the top 10 most sustainable cities in the nation, Portland is the hub of sustainable innovation. The city expands its goal to become the most sustainable place in the world into all aspects of business and life. The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) hosts its annual expo in October. The focus is on greening the education industry by promoting on-campus sustainability. Businesses big and small take part in the opportunity to present their products to this niche segment.

Event tip: This event hosts thousands of exhibitors. Make your display stand out from the rest. Popup stands that are light weight and portable present a professional appearance. Always use high quality banners to display your logo and message with. No last-minute Walgreens runs for these events.

South Sound Sustainability Expo

Targeting local market segments can reap national results. Companies big and small target niche markets as part of strategic marketing efforts. Rather than appealing to the masses, businesses maximize program effectiveness by growing in segments. Tacoma residents further their sustainability knowledge at The South Sound Sustainability Expo. Sponsored by City of Tacoma and the University of Washington, this local event has strong community ties. The expo welcomes new small businesses as well as growing national companies like Zipcar.

Event tip: Make your business memorable with promotional products that support your brand. Small take-aways like pens and key chains keep your business at the top of peoples’ minds. For best results, make sure your promo item stays true to sustainable practices.

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Tribute Circle | COMPANY | Honest Co


Last month, I received a lovely gift in my monthly shipment of safe and healthy personal care and home cleaning supplies from The Honest Company. I received a small tree to plant. What could be more perfect than a tree? This is my thank you note for your thoughtful and generous gift.

Sincere Thanks

Dear Honest Company,
Thank you for my holiday gift! I’d like to extend my thanks not just for the tree but for creating products that I trust for my family and my home. The legacy that you are building is a gift to the world. The service you are providing is exemplary. The products are not only safe and healthy but also high quality and effective. 
I am grateful that you care for our children and our earth as much as I do. You are packaging responsibly. You’re optimizing your energy usage at your offices and buildings. You have pursued and earned your B Corp certification. You follow PETA guidelines for cruelty free and vegan product development. You purchase Renewable Energy Certificates. You even “give back” by donating to Baby2Baby. I have 1000 thank you’s for your business ethics and practices!
My biggest wish for you is success and prosperity. I hope you make so much money that other businesses will follow in your footsteps.  You are a prime example of “Business with Integrity” that any company in any industry could learn from and emulate.
Sincerely yours,
Hollan McBride
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I’m on a mission! Let’s live, work and vacation in the healthiest and greenest city in America. Not only the “Finest City in America.”

SOL = Sustainable, Organic, Local

I’d like to dine in restaurants that serve organic and locally grown fruits and vegies; offer USDA organic chicken, grass-fed beef and sustainably sourced seafood; and have both vegan and vegetarian options. I’d prefer to frequent sustainable establishments that care about reaching zero-carbon goals.

Please join me in supporting this mission to have cleaner air and water and to live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s all support sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The more we support SOL dining, the more SOL dining will become the norm, not the exception!

Here’s a list of San Diego restaurants we can eat guilt-free and with pleasure. SOL DINING REVIEWS


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Guilt-ridden or Pride in What YOU Drive?

Guilt-ridden or Pride in What YOU Drive?

Are you zipping by me on the freeway in your Prius? Kudos for getting over 40 mpg. Perhaps you opted to buy an electric vehicle instead of a hybrid. Fabulous!

I have some questions for the people driving gas-guzzlers:

  • Have you looked into purchasing a different car that’s more fuel-efficient?
  • Is your car running perfectly?
  • What’s your motivation for considering a change in your auto?

Hybrids offer statusGreen products

Research shows that there are very few cars available that actually have gas mileage over 30 mph. If you desire 37-112 mpg, you will have to purchase a hybrid. Many are $20,000 – $40,000 and they’re too new to buy used. Some luxury hybrids are over $100,000. Yes, driving a Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus BEV, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Scion IQ or Toyota Prius v earns you big status points…and you get even more if you drive a Fisker Karma, Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid, or BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

Don’t be fooled

I’m certain you look at SUVs with distaste. In this day and age, how could anyone drive one? If you must judge…it’s time to base those judgments on fact, not fiction.

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