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Tribute Circle | COMPANY | Levi’s

LEVI’S <Made of Progress>

Imagine the possibilities for business. Rather than take, companies give. Rather than follow, companies lead. Innovative businesses lead the way to a sustainable future just by changing their thinking about manufacturing and production processes. Levi’s did and look at them continuing to build their legacy with jeans made of garbage and clothing made with virtually no water. This is an example of a company staying competitive and cornering their market using corporate social responsibility values. Let’s support them, as conscious consumers, in their admirable and risk-taking <Made of Progress> venture.

Levi’s Brand + will.i.am = EKOCYCLE


"Waste is only waste if we waste it."

— will.i.am

Waste < Less. These jeans are made of garbage.

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Children’s Development and Education

Children’s Development and Education

"I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way."

— Whitney Houston, The Greatest Love of All

We support Kids for Peace “Uplifting Our World through Love and Action.” With “KINDNESS MATTERS” as the guiding principle of the organization, their programs emphasize youth leadership, cross-cultural experiences, arts, service and caring for our earth in over 100 chapters worldwide.

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Our “green” team

Our “green” team

Supply Chain Excellence

Blazon Laurels takes the utmost care and consideration in selecting associates and vendors. We painstakingly ensure our supply chain is aligned with our mission of “Building Global Citizenship for a Better World.” Additionally, we encourage and support continued commitment in the areas of energy consumption, water usage, waste management, transportation efficiency, office supplies and equipment used, employee development, and social and environmental justice issues. To encourage more businesses to take the noble path of sustainability, we proudly honor our associates and vendors as examples of integrity, achievement and leadership.

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Kindness Matters…or does it?

Kindness Matters…or does it?

To be kind … or not to be kind?  That is the question!

Everyday, we encounter countless opportunities to be a good example for others. Perhaps, you do random acts of kindness:

  • Let people ahead of you in the grocery line
  • Smile at strangers
  • Pay someone’s toll going over the bridge or pay road

There is value in treating family with the same patience and support as you would a stranger!

  • Wait patiently while your daughter fixes her hair…again
  • Answer your husband or wife’s phone call using a loving tone
  • Call your parents or grandparents just to see how they are doing

Do you extend this same level of consideration to your colleagues at work? Or is there more competition than collaboration?

"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."

— Theodore Roosevelt
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