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Can low-income families afford to eat healthy?

Can low-income families afford to eat healthy?

When discussing social and environmental justice issues, I hear many comments and questions. One keeps repeating itself:

“How can lower income families afford to eat healthy?”

I understand the argument and have participated in this dialogue. Inner city residents don’t have the same access to grocery stores their suburban counterparts have. Their option is primarily a corner store that doesn’t offer fresh fruit and vegetables. The least expensive things to buy include Cheetos and other non-nutritional food items…or, there’s always a McDonalds nearby.

I’m not going to debate the need for more healthy choices in every neighborhood and among all socio-economic populations. What I am going to do is change the focus of the conversation. Why is the question directed at what “others” can or cannot do?  I believe the question should be:

“What can I do?”


"If you think the price of organic is expensive, have you seen the price of cancer lately?"

— Joel Salatin, Founder of Polyface Farms

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