Things I Carry: Connection

Things I Carry: Connection

Things I Carry: Connection is the first but not necessarily the most important

Connection to people, organization and knowledge

My iPhone and iPad Mini offer me a way to connect on many levels. First, I can communicate traditionally with a phone call, quickly with a text or virtually with social media forums. Then, I can keep track of appointments and to do’s. Next, I can document with photos. Last, I can read, research and revel.

Nourishment for my mind and body

I carry a refillable water bottle, tea, sweetener and some snacks. My favorite tea is Egyptian Licorice Mint by Yogi (introduced to me by a dear friend) with a drop of SweetLeaf Stevia. The snack is either a Clif Bar or something a bit sweeter like Australian black licorice or Endangered Species organic chocolate.

Relaxation for peace of mind

Music is a must. Either Pandora or predesigned iTunes song lists. Also, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones that can drown out all the hustle and bustle. Sometimes, it’s valuable to recharge and music seems to set the mood.

Warmth and comfort

I don’t leave home without a large, soft and warm scarf that doubles as a blanket. It’s perfect for travel, picnic, a movie or even a conference. Yes, you may call me Linus.

Getting down to businessScreen Shot 2013-03-29 at 4.36.54 PM

"A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet!"

— Will Rogers
 I always have a good supply of business cards. My business, Blazon Laurels, Inc., is my passion. I hope to be a catalyst in building global citizenship for a better world. Cultivating partnerships and collaborations is a surefire way to succeed in this global economy. It’s good to be prepared as you never know who you will meet and where you’ll meet!

Color and shades

I have an overwhelming desire to sparkle and shine! Lipstick is a must. I prefer Aveda’s version that offers a minty tingle. Also, sunglasses to protect my eyes from glare and blinding bright lights. They say blue eyes are more sensitive to the light and I believe ‘them.’

Nifty and thrifty

I have a plastic key for my car that comes in handy when on-the-go or doing something active.

Security for emergencies

Always on hand are these essentials: my ID, blood type, emergency contact, credit card and a twenty-spot.

Curious mind and compassionate heart

This may be the most important of the entire list. Without the right mindset, we are sure to flounder rather than flourish. I have questions but not in judgment. Rather, I desire to understand and grow. Wisdom alongside knowledge. I am empathetic and compassionate to the core. Some people view these traits as soft. I would argue that my compassionate heart only strenghtens my mission to be a luminary in the practices of green living and sustainable business. Thus, making me a force to be reckoned with when confronted with worldwide issues that compromise liberty, equity and justice!


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