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LEVI’S <Made of Progress>

Imagine the possibilities for business. Rather than take, companies give. Rather than follow, companies lead. Innovative businesses lead the way to a sustainable future just by changing their thinking about manufacturing and production processes. Levi’s did and look at them continuing to build their legacy with jeans made of garbage and clothing made with virtually no water. This is an example of a company staying competitive and cornering their market using corporate social responsibility values. Let’s support them, as conscious consumers, in their admirable and risk-taking <Made of Progress> venture.

Levi’s Brand + = EKOCYCLE


"Waste is only waste if we waste it."


Waste < Less. These jeans are made of garbage.

Check out video.



Eight plastic bottles are used to make one pair of jeans. Imagine making something out of trash.



Levi’s Brand +

"We’re committed to making more Water<Less™ products so that we can use less and give more."


Water < Less.  Jeans that save water.

Check out video.

quality survey questionnaire and pen



Up to 96% less water used to make these jeans. Usually takes 42 liters of water to make every pair of jeans.

Remember to vote with your dollar$.





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