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184073_2081499110130_1024626111_32303418_4775514_n_2Kids for Peace

           Inspired by children.
              Designed for children.
               Developed by children.
Benefits the world.


This global non-profit organization (501c3) embodies KIDS leadership, opinions and direction. The KIDS, toddlers to teens, lead the way toward peace. This is what makes KIDS FOR PEACE different than any other NGO. The motto – “KINDNESS MATTERS” is indisputable and is strengthened by participation in the Annual Great Kindness Challenge. The byline – “Uplifting our world through LOVE and ACTION” is encouraging and hopeful. The guiding principles – “The Peace Pledge” was created in 2006 by the kid members of the first chapter after they were asked these fundamental questions:

“What does peace mean to you?”
“What do you want our world to look like?”
“What can you do to create the world you wish to see?”
“What do you want to pledge yourself to?”


The children involved in this organization offer their knowledge, skills, hopes, dreams and even innocence. In return, these Kids for Peace children receive confidence, empowerment and a desire to make a difference. Many have seen and experienced, first hand, the benefits of participation – not only for the children, but for our families, our community and our world. Watch this short video to see what the Kids for Peace members are saying and doing!

"Since its founding in 2006, Kids for Peace has: engaged 35,000 child peacemakers; launched 145 chapters in 26 countries; sent 5000+ Peace Packs to 38 countries; and, inspired 75,000+ hours of community service. "

— Kids for Peace website

There are four impactful programs that 100 worldwide chapters participate in on a monthly basis:

  1. 1. Global Friends
  2. 2. Community Builders
  3. 3. Eco Kids
  4. 4. Artists in Action


GKClogoBB LtextBlazon Laurels, Inc. is a proud partner for The Great Kindness Challenge. Additionally, our family leads a neighborhood chapter in San Diego (Co-leaders are Mommy and 7-year old daughter team). We believe in KIDS FOR PEACE!

Kids for Peace is worthy of your attention, support and participation, too. Whether you are a parent, teacher, neighbor or executive, there are ways you can be involved!

It’s important that you know how credible, trustworthy and effective Kids for Peace is! Check out their ratings as a 2013 Top Rated Non-Profit by Great Non-Profits and as a Gold Star Exchange Trusted Partner for GuideStar. Now, you can rest assured your support will make a grand difference in an honorable organization’s path to success. Here are just a few ways you can participate with Kids for Peace and The Great Kindness Challenge:

To determine your best fit and contribution, you may contact Jill McManigal, Executive Director, Kids for Peace at or 760.730.3320.

Thank you for all you are doing to make our world better for us and future generations.



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